Company setup in Sharjah Media City Freezone

Do you want to setup company in Sharjah Media City Freezone? SHAMS free zone was launched in the year 2017 with a vision to create a world-class hub for media and creativity. It’s the fastest growing free zone encouraging entrepreneurs to work in the creative field. Moreover, the free zone has close proximity to Dubai international airport and Sharjah international airport. SHAMS free zone offers pocket –friendly resources for businesses in all stages right from the start up to large MNCs. SHAMS is home to around 200 business activities from a wholesale business to accountancy.

Furthermore, it offers a huge array of opportunities to investors and entrepreneurs to grow their companies in the Sharjah region. These opportunities allow entrepreneurs to establish their strong presence in the local and international space.

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Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Sharjah Media City Freezone offers four different licenses that allow entrepreneurs to invest in trading, service, industrial or holding license, depending on their business activity.

Service license in SHAMS allows entrepreneurs to involve in production, re-production, or any other distribution of services. Service license allows people to render service as their primary objective.
This license allows production, re-production, or any other manufacturing of goods. Here, you can open a company based on re-production, production or any other manufacturing.
Trading license allows companies to sell goods within SHAMS or importing and exporting goods. This includes movement of goods, retail sale, wholesale or rendering of any other services. Retailing and wholesaling are the final steps in the distribution of goods.
Holding license allows you to have assets or shares in other companies. In this case, you need a holding company to control other companies or properties like patents, real estate, trademarks, stock, and other assets.
business setup in dubai freezone

Why choose SHAMS for your business setup?

Sharjah Media City Freezone have minimal upfront and renewal costs. This free zone offers a hassle-free registration process in the UAE. Furthermore, you can register the company within a week.

Some of the benefits of SHAMS include,

What is the process of business setup in SHAMS?

In order to process with company setup in Sharjah Media City Freezone, you have to submit a set of documents to the concerned authorities.

Initially, you will have to select the business practice. After that, decide your company name, finalize it and send your registration documents to the concerned authorities. After this, open a bank account and apply for your visa.
However, the whole business setup procedure depends on your type of license and the type of company. Therefore, before you start, connect with a business setup consultant in Sharjah familiar with these steps and capable enough to guide you through the setup process.

What is the process of business setup in SHAMS?

Being a leading business setup consultant in UAE, we have a track record of establishing companies in the Sharjah Media City Freezone providing an immense advantage to our clients. We guide you through the paper works and provide the right assistance throughout the application process. We also help you find the right location for your commercial space or office establishment.

When you find the right business setup consultant, half the work is done. Now, you just have to move into a well-furnished office space and engage in marketing to bring in potential clients.
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