Industrial Manufacturing License

For every industrial activity, an Industrial Manufacturing License is needed. The rule of thumb is that an activity is likely to be industrial if it involves the use of specialized plant equipment. Some of the examples of industrial activity in the United Arab Emirates are as follows

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How to Get an Industrial Manufacturing License

Your application must include a detailed project report, which outlines the need for starting industrial activity (or expansion of current industrial activity, if applicable). The Project Report should contain technical information, such as how production will be achieved with the help of production tools / equipment. It must also mention the estimated cost of production. The production equipment / machinery must meet existing UAE standards.
The Project Report must include the proposed number of employees for the industrial operation. The commercial space you have leased – you need to do this at the beginning of the process – must be large enough for all of them to work comfortably. A Location Plan is also needed, which shows where the different constituent units of the plant will be. Like where on the commercial space you have leased the cooling towers will be, where the chemical storage tanks will be, where the electrical failsafe unit will be and so on.
A Financial Report is also necessary, which shows that you will be able to continue running the plant after you have established it. You could have access to your own funds for running the plant, or you could be financed by a financial / banking institution. You need to submit a Bank Guarantee or a Letter of Credit from a financial institution in the United Arab Emirates as part of your application for an Industrial Manufacturing License.
The consent of the Municipality is a prerequisite for obtaining an Industrial Manufacturing License for your operations, if the plant is proposed to be located outside a free zone. You must also be a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry. If all the documentation is in order, you can expect your Industrial Manufacturing License to be granted in 3-4 weeks.
You will find that the Government is very supportive and encourages manufacturing and industrial activity in the United Arab Emirates. If your product is expected to add value to the economy of the United Arab Emirates, you could receive assistance for research and development. The Government will also provide land for free or at concessional rates. If your product is new to the market (no similar product exists), you could hope to receive financing from a Government bank in the United Arab Emirates.
The Government will also provide water and electricity according to the operational needs of your plant, all at subsidized rates.
You are expected to comply with industrial safety regulations strictly, as well as adhere to all the provisions of the Labour Law. You must keep accurate records of all your workers, and see to it that they are qualified to operate plant equipment. This is in the interests of safety, to minimize the possibility of an industrial accident happening. Any input or raw materials imported into the country must not be used for any purpose other than what they were originally intended for.
If you appoint a Director for your industrial operations, this must be communicated to the Department of Economic Development. The Director is responsible for ensuring that every law and safety guideline is adhered to strictly.
Once the Industrial Manufacturing License is granted, you can begin the construction of your plant. This needs to commence within six months of the Industrial Manufacturing License being granted. After the construction of the plant has been completed, the Department of Economic Development provides you with permission to start functioning. You can then apply to be included in the Industrial Register. Any change in industrial operations must be notified to the Government authorities immediately.

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