Sharjah Freezone Business Setup

Sharjah is located just 20 minutes from Dubai. Owing to lower company incorporation costs, several entrepreneurs are now opening their companies in Sharjah. This not only presents them with a host of advantages, but also provides them easy access to the much wider market of Dubai.

Sharjah has its own international airport that is home to Air Arabia, which flies to 170 destinations worldwide. It is also just 16 km or so from the Dubai International Airport, which is home to Emirates, another international airline that connects 85 countries around the world. Two-thirds of the world’s destinations can be reached by means of a flight that takes eight hours or less from Sharjah / Dubai. Sharjah also has three seaports, making it a strategic destination for those in the transport and logistics sector.

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How to Register a Company in Sharjah Freezone

The first step involves drafting the company formation documents. You need to decide beforehand how many owners there will be for the company. For instance, if there is only a single owner, you could set it up as a Sole Establishment (this is the same as a Sole Proprietorship). If there is more than one owner, you could look at establishing your company as a Limited Liability Company.

It is to be noted that only Limited Liability Company structures (including the Sole Establishment company structure), are permitted in free zones. If not a Sole Establishment, you have to register a company as a Limited Liability Company. The minimum number of shareholders required for a Limited Liability Company is two and the maximum number allowed is 50. In a Limited Liability Company, all shareholders own an equal number of shares in the company – there cannot be majority shareholders or minority shareholders.

A single-owner Sole Establishment company in a free zone has at the end of its name the initials FZE. This stands for Free Zone Establishment. In the case of a Limited Liability Company in a free zone, it has at the end of its name FZC, which stands for Free Zone Company. Some may choose to have the initials FZCO, which too stands for Free Zone Company. Yet some others use the initials FZ-LLC, short for Free Zone-Limited Liability Company.

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List of Documents Required for Sharjah Freezone Business Setup

*The documents pertaining to individuals have to be submitted for every shareholder.

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