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Business Setup in Dubai, the land of opportunities.

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Business Setup in Dubai

Are you planning for a new company setup in Dubai? In that case, you have landed on the right page.
With Dubai making a persuasive destination for business development and entrepreneurship, we at Set
Up a Company are a one-stop solution for all your business needs and company formation. Our eye for
detail, high-quality standards, and professional ethics make us stand out from the crowd. Our team of
expert consultants not only helps our clients shape and nurture their company set up in Dubai, but they
also help them setup business in Dubai effectively and affordably. Our extensive and personalized
service helps our clients manage their Dubai business setup efficiently.

Basic steps for company setup in Dubai:
Please note that your company’s name referred to as your trade name cannot begin with the term ‘Global’ or International. Although the name of countries is not permitted in your trade name, however, names of geographical regions and nationalities are allowed. First names are also allowed, as long as it is the first name of one of the shareholders.

Types of business setup in Dubai:

Dubai is the hub of business in the UAE, and our company will assist you in setting up your business on Mainland, Offshore and Free Zone.

Mainland/onshore business setup in Dubai:

As a business setup consultant, we provide hassle-free service for mainland company formation in dubai. When it comes to company formation; the mainland is the most popular and pragmatic choice. Mainland companies are known to be the most advanced in Dubai. They are licensed by the Department of Economic Development and allow you to do business in the local market and outside UAE without any restrictions. And with our constant guidance and assistance, we ensure that the process of forming your onshore new business set-up in Dubai goes seamlessly.

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The offshore company setup in Dubai:

Investors from all across the globe consider us for our determination and dedicated service to business setup in Dubai. Our in-house expertise, seasoned business set-up consultants, transparency, and superlative guidance make us the most desired company set-up consultant. The way; we handle responsibilities and share our in-depth knowledge in setting up offshore companies in Dubai is worth mentioning.

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New business setup in Dubai Free Zone:

We at Set Up A Company ensure that our assistance in free zone business setup in Dubai helps you raise profits by simplifying any given complicated procedures. Company set up in Dubai free zone comes up with the advantages of low taxes and few restrictions on employment and imports. Most importantly, the environment is conducive to Dubai free zone company formation. Free zones offer dedicated infrastructure for every kind of business activity. Companies established in free zones are exempted from foreign currency capital restrictions. They are even free to repatriate 100% of their capital and profits.

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Benefits of setting up a business in Dubai:

Dubai’s fastest-growing and stable economy makes it a perfect destination for entrepreneurs to start their businesses and form their companies. Here are some of the most compelling reasons for you to set up a business in Dubai-

Dubai – the capital of trade and commerce:

Dubai ranks 15th position among the top global commercial centers in the world. The country’s excellent transportation system, infrastructure, low taxation policy, and stable economic landscape is what makes it a renowned global commercial capital.

Tax benefits:

The UAE government wants to build a business-friendly ecosystem in the country. It enables foreign investors to enjoy huge tax benefits. As you plan to set up a business in Dubai, you will be exempted from paying personal, corporate, and capital gain taxes. You will have to pay 5% of VAT which is way too less than most commercial capitals across the globe.

The tax policies of the country attract millions of investors to set up businesses in Dubai and establish corporations in prospering provinces.

Cutting-edge amenities and infrastructure:

The advanced level amenities and flawless infrastructure in Dubai make the country an ideal hub to start your business. The greatness of the country’s infrastructure and amenities include extensive road networks, office spaces, top-class public transportation, top-notch warehouses, efficient power resources, advanced telecom networks, exceptional residential accommodations, and many more to add. 

Dubai’s government entities are investing more in the country’s infrastructure to grab the attention of more foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

Hassle-free visa processing:

You can obtain permission if you want to set up a business in Dubai. It means you can easily qualify for residency and employment visas. It is easy to lawfully set up your company in Dubai, lease or rent a property, and get a trade license after receiving a visa.

Benefits of Free zone:

Whether on the mainland or free zone, Dubai offers a varied choice of regions to set up a business. There are approximately 20 free zones in Dubai where setting up a new business is highly favorable and in demand. One of the advantages of establishing your business in a free zone is that it allows enterprises to collaborate with similar other countries within the same industry. To add more, the businessperson in the free zone has the entire ownership of his/her enterprise. Therefore, the revenue and capital are repatriated in full.

Easy access to the international market:

For new organizations looking to promote and develop their business and gain initial clients, Dubai is the place to be. This global commercial hub helps entrepreneurs across all industries and domains get access to the international market and establish their roots in the country’s territory. As UAE ranks 11th position on the global index of ‘Ease of doing business’, here is your chance to Dubai business set up and grow your business.

Documents required to set up a business in Dubai:

Documents requisition depends on the type of enterprise one wants to set up in Dubai. However, there are a few documents that are mandatory for company formation in Dubai. These include-

Why choose us?

We strive to deliver impeccable service and value to our clients throughout the Middle East. Our expertise and guidance will ensure your new business setup in Dubai is hassle-free while you focus on core competencies and new regulations to operate well within professional boundaries.

Business Setup in Dubai

When it comes to business setup in Dubai, the first thing that you need to decide is whether your company will be located on the mainland company formation or in a free zone. If it is intended to be set up as an onshore or mainland company, you might need a Local Sponsor for certain categories of commercial activities. A good business setup consultants can help you out with this part.

The Local Sponsor needs to be an Emirati (this is the term used to address an UAE national, someone who is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates) who has attained the age of 21. It could also be a company incorporated in the United Arab Emirates that is 100% owned by Emiratis. According to UAE law, the Local Sponsor (also referred to as Local Partner) must own 51% of the shares in the company. He/She will legally represent the company before all Government agencies.

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Company Registration in Dubai

If you are a solo entrepreneur (in other words, there is only one business owner), the company has to be incorporated as a Sole Establishment. This is the same as a Proprietorship Firm. If you have a business partner, or more than one, it is recommended that you set up your company as a Limited Liability Company or LLC. The minimum number of owners required for a Limited Liability Company is two and the maximum number is 50. If there are more than 50 shareholders, then you have to register the company as a Private Limited Company.

Only limited liability company structures are allowed in free zones. Not all business activities can be undertaken in free zones, so a consultant specializing in business setup in Dubai can help you determine which location – the mainland or a free zone – can be best for your business, as well as advise you on the right company structure for your business.

Free Zone Locations in the UAE

business set up companies in dubai
Sharjah Media City
setting up a business in dubai
Sharjah Publishing City
business setup services in dubai
International Free Zone
company formation consultants in dubai
Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone
business setup consultants in dubai
Jebel Ali Free Zone
mainland company formation in dubai
Fujairah Creative City
dubai mainland business setup
Dubai World Trade Centre
mainland company setup dubai
Sharjah International Airport
business setup in dubai mainland
Ajman Media City
mainland business setup dubai
Dubai Multi Commodities Centre

UAE Mainland Company Type

business setup services in dubai
Sole Proprietorship
low cost business setup in dubai
Civil Company
business setup company in dubai
Limited Liability Company
business formation in dubai
Branch Office
llc company formation in dubai
Representative Office

Need Professional Assistance with Business Setup in Dubai?

The team of experts at SetUpACompany.ae have years of experience with company formation in UAE. They can be expected to lend their expertise to everything connected to business setup in UAE. We comes from an array of diverse backgrounds such as Legal, Finance, and Management; and so willingly advise you on the right course of approach for company setup in Dubai. For new business setup in Dubai, they can be counted on to assist you with all the documentation and the filing process, so that your company formation in Dubai happens smoothly.

If you are looking at options for business setup in Dubai, then SetUpACompany.ae is the right business setup consultant for you. They can help you with company formation in Dubai. So for all your needs pertaining to setup business in Dubai, setupacompany.ae can ensure that company formation in Dubai is a hassle-free affair. You need not think of any other business setup consultant for company formation in Dubai.

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